Welcoming New Drivers

Skyline Welcomes Two Company Drivers: Meet Marc Frugé and Eric Girardin

We’d like to introduce you to two company drivers who are going out over the road for Skyline Transportation, Inc..

Marc Frugé Skyline Driver

Marc Frugé was born in Louisiana but grew up in the San Fernando Valley in CA.  He went to school with two famous TV stars – Tabitha from Bewitched and Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch.  After finishing high school, he worked all over the US – from San Clemente to Tahoe to St. Louis, Missouri.  It was in St. Louis that he went to truck driving school and has driven for almost 10 years.

“I liked to see the country and loved driving everywhere.  I’ve driven in all lower 48 states”.

A history enthusiast, Marc always tried to visit a historical site when he was driving through different states.  He says a lot has changed since he started driving, primarily with electronic logs and tracking hours of service.  When asked what he’d like four-wheel drivers to realize about professional tractor trailer drivers, Marc says to be more polite.

“I’m trying to make a living, please be polite and give me space to do my job.  I’m working to provide for my family, please give me space to do my routes safely. And have a nice day.”

When he’s not driving over the road, Marc likes riding motorcycles and fixing up cars and trucks.  He had a shop in Missouri that he’s slowly transitioning over to his new home in Maryville, TN where he looks forward to picking up where he left off – fabricating trailers and building benches and tables.

Mike, Marc and Rick

Mike, Marc and Rick

Marc receives his keys to his Skyline tractor

Marc gets his keys








Eric and his Skyline Tractor Trailer

Eric Girardin Skyline Driver

Eric Girardin currently lives in Loudon, TN but was born and raised in Michigan.  Eric was a heavy equipment operator and mechanic in the army and enjoyed driving the big trucks after he fixed them.  After the service, Eric went to a truck driving school in Michigan.  He took some time from the open road but is going back out for Skyline.

“I like travelling, seeing the world, being my own boss, making the customers and shippers happy, getting loads delivered on time.  I love being a driver.”

Since Eric had been off the road for a while, he went through Skyline’s grad program.  He says that everything has been positive for him here.

“This is the first company I’ve been with who treats me like family and not a number. If I’ve got a problem, I can come to anyone from the owner on down and they’ll listen, try to help and give me advice.  It’s nice to work for a family-oriented company like Skyline. Other trucking companies don’t offer that.”

Eric Girardin and his Skyline Tractor

Eric and his Skyline Truck

“All of this is exciting for me.  I like knowing that it’s my professional responsibility to make my pre-trip inspection and operate this big machine safely.  I’m just a normal person out of the truck, but when I’m behind the wheel, I’m a professional and it feels good to have that classification behind me. I’m proud to know that I’m responsible for delivering a load safely, promptly and making customers happy.”

When he’s not driving professionally for Skyline, Eric likes to hunt and fish with his son.  Eric grew up playing baseball and even played in the minor leagues.  Now he enjoys spending quality time his family.

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