Tony York

Tony York: Professional Driver and Doting Grandfather

This July marked 11 years that Tony York has been driving with Skyline, but this transportation veteran has been driving professionally for much longer.

“I’ve been driving since I was 16 years old, hauling cattle on back roads from Mississippi to Tennessee. I’ve been driving ever since.”

Tony lives in Hohenwald, TN and runs out of Lebanon, TN. We sat down with him to learn more about why he enjoys being a professional driver and how he likes to spend his time when he is not driving. Turns out, he’s not one to sit around.

What inspired you to start driving?
“Truck driving was fun. I still enjoy it and I like my dedicated run from Ft. Worth, TX to Memphis, TN.”

What do you like best about driving?
“The money – driving is good money – and the opportunity. I live in a little bitty town where there aren’t many options professionally.”

What is the biggest challenge out on the road?
“Traffic and watching out for everybody out here. The traffic is crazy and I worry about getting killed all the time because people don’t pay attention.”

Would you recommend Skyline to other drivers?
“Yes, everyone at Skyline has always been good to me. They are very fair and if I need anything, they take care of it. If I tell them my seat is worn out, they’ll buy me a new seat. I’m getting my TV replaced today. Many companies aren’t like that but Skyline takes care of its drivers.”

Driver Tony with Richard at Skyline Knoxville

Skyline Maintenance Manager Richard Bell with Tony York

What do you want people to know about drivers? The industry?
“Most people don’t have a clue about trucks. I think learning something about tractor trailers should be a part of getting a driver’s license. If you’re going to be sharing the roads with them, it’s important to be aware.

“I also wish cell phones were like our Qualcomm (messaging system) which are not activated when we’re going down the road. Professional drivers can get up to a $3500 fine for using a phone yet one out of 5 people that I pass are on their phones while they are driving. They should be disabled.”

What motivates you to do the best in life?
“I do what’s expected of me. I signed on to drive for Skyline and I’m going to do what they want me to do.”

What do you like to do when you’re not driving?
“I spend time with my grandkids. I have four of them ranging from six to 13 years old and they live right in town. I like to stay busy. There are several elderly women at church who are on a fixed income so I mow five different yards each week. I guess you could say that I’m not one to sit around.”

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