Dennis Hodges

Skyline is better than most companies. They are family-oriented, dependable and understanding. I like the size, they know who you are, you’re not a number.

Mike Nally

Skyline is a good company, one of the best I’ve worked for.  Everyone here treats me good and if you like what you do then it isn’t a job.  I love driving for Skyline, I really do.

Warren Wheeler

The thoroughness of Skyline’s training program is unbelievable. The trainers know that each individual may need a different amount of training.  From the moment I walked through the door at Skyline, to my over the road training, my trainers kept me safe and helped to build my confidence. I would recommend that any motor carrier […]

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Tony York

Everyone here has always been good to me. They are very fair and if I need anything, they take care of it.  If I tell them my seat is worn out, they’ll buy me a new seat. I’m getting my TV replaced today. Many companies aren’t like that but Skyline takes care of its drivers.

Tony Alsup

I used to think that the only differences between trucking companies was the 800 number. That was until I came to Skyline.  As an owner-operator, I can drive for anyone but I won’t drive for any company other than Skyline. I trust them, they keep their word and are sincere and get me home every […]

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Nicole Anglin

Skyline’s training program is great with honest and caring people. They care about you as a person and not just a number. They provide excellent training with lots of drive time and are great people to work with.

Josh Young

Skyline is family oriented. Everyone is on a first name basis, it’s more like a family than a company. You’re not a truck number at Skyline, you’re actually a human being.