Steven Smith

Skyline is happy to announce a new addition to our Professional Driving team, Steven Smith!

Steven comes to us with a little under a year of experience, which came after a stint in Hot Shot Trucking. With his Mom being in the Trucking industry, Steven has been around the Profession and decided to make a career switch in part because of the stability and financial potential.

Before getting into Trucking, Steven worked in Banking industry as a Teller for more than 3 years. Other than the financial potential, he said what he likes most about the Trucking Profession is getting to travel and see new areas.

Steven is originally from East Tennessee and is one of 5 children. When he is not working, he said he relishes spending time with his nephews, going to the park and playing Xbox. Steven mentioned, so far, he has been to 44 states but his favorite vacation spot is his bed.

Thank you, Steven, for climbing aboard and driving for Skyline. We are thrilled to have you here!

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