Two New Skyline Drivers: Brandon Sharp and Justin Shaffer

Skyline is proud to introduce two new drivers joining our fleet.  Meet Brandon Sharp and Justin Shaffer, slated to head out on their first solo trips in a Skyline rig this Sunday. Congratulations guys and welcome to the team!

Brandon Sharp

Brandon Sharp


Brandon Sharp grew up on a tobacco farm in Sevierville, TN.  He has been working as a diesel mechanic since 2007 but has decided to change gears. “There’s more money driving than turning wrenches.”

Brandon’s cousin is an owner operator.  He and another driver, Spike McCurdy, referred Brandon to Skyline.  Brandon went through our training program, is fresh off four weeks of OTR training and says he’s ready to “make some money and throw down some miles.”

Brandon is a father of five children ranging from 14 to two years of age.  While he’s excited to get out, he acknowledges that it’s going to be an adjustment for the kids.  “They are used to daddy being home every night.  Even though I was working between 70-80 hours a week, I was home every night. But now, with phones and technology, I’m seeing them more during the day than I used to.”



Justin Shaffer

Justin Shaffer

Justin Shaffer has been driving off and on since 2016.  “My brother drove, my dad’s dad and my mom’s day both drove – I guess you could say diesel runs through my veins.”

Justin came from a big family in Strawberry Plains.  “Lot’s of boys being boys, playing football, wrestling in the mud, it was fun.”  It was Justin’s brother that recommended he try driving professionally.

Justin likes the friendly atmosphere at Skyline.  “I really like Skyline and the friendliness of everyone in the office.  I’m really glad they’re letting my wife and dog ride along with me.”

While driving over the road, Justin enjoys listening to music, waking up and being at work, and meeting new people.  He admits backing is a challenge.  “It’s not that bad for me, but there are times when I have to start over.  If you’re not set up right, you may as well forget about it and just start over.”

When he’s not driving, Justin likes to spend time with his wife, Tonie, and dog, Lakota, visit with his dad, and go to movies and festivals.


Congratulations Brandon and Justin and welcome to Skyline!

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