Skyline Welcomes Larry Rudd and James Sexton

Meet two more professional drivers – one a recent graduate of our training program, the other a former driver returning to Skyline.

Larry Rudd

Larry Rudd

Larry Rudd grew up in Knoxville, but lived for 15 years in Buena Park, CA.  He moved back to Knoxville for family and has been driving for more than three decades.

“I have driven for 30 years.  I drove LTL for nine years, but it was mostly over the road.  I’ve driven all over the country.”

Larry has been off the road for 11 years because of medical issues.  “Seven surgeries later, I’ve got myself back up and running, one step at a time.”

Because his CDL had lapsed, Larry went through Skyline’s entire training program.  “I had to start from scratch again but the training program was really good.  I ran with (Skyline OTR trainer) Dan Gregory and that was great.  He grew up in the same area as I did, we pull for the same baseball team, we have a lot in common and had a lot to talk about.”

Although Larry says a lot has changed with technology and hours of service, driving over the road is just like it’s always been.  Larry has known about Skyline for years and has enjoyed his training here.  “There’s a real personal, family-atmosphere here.  There are not too many places where people know your name and talk with you when you walk in.  You don’t see that at bigger companies.”

Although dealing with traffic in big cities can be a challenge, Larry says you just have to plan for that.  “I enjoy the freedom of driving – the whole atmosphere out there. I was never was a 9-5 person, and couldn’t stand the thought of being cooped up w/ someone standing over you. Luckily I never had to do that.”

When he’s not driving, Larry enjoys relaxing around the house.

Skyline welcomes James Sexton back to the fleet.

James Sexton grew up in a small family in Campbell County.  He started working on cars when he was 12 years old and that became a major hobby ever since.

James Sexton

James Sexton

“I had to sell my Monte Carlo a while back, but I’m getting ready to buy another one.”

James has always known about Skyline, due to family ties.  “My uncle and dad both drove for Skyline, for 15 and 18 years respectively.  I wanted to follow in their footsteps and knew driving was more along the lines of what I wanted to do.”

Before driving for Skyline, James was driving for a drilling company.  “I had my Class A CDL but had an air brake restriction.  That’s when I came to Skyline.  I went through their training program so I could get that restriction lifted and drive over the road for them.”

James drove with Skyline for about a year but then left for a local job.  He’s back and says he missed driving OTR.  “Out there, I’m my own boss, working alone and don’t have anyone over my shoulder telling me to hurry up and get it done.”

James says that the traffic and other drivers make driving challenging.  “We can’t stop when they stop. We can’t react as quickly as they can.  It would be nice if they realized that.”

When he’s not driving, James enjoys spending time with his kids, riding his Yamaha V Star motorcycle and working on cars.

Thank you, Larry and James, for driving for Skyline. We are proud to welcome you to the fleet!

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