Meet Adam and Matt: Two Professional Drivers Joining the Skyline Fleet

We are pleased to introduce two new drivers who left out this week.  Adam Rosenberger recently completed our paid CDL training program, and Matt Burgin gained a few more weeks of driving experience with one of our over-the-road trainers.

Meet Adam Rosenberger

When asked where he’s from, Adam Rosenberger says “a little bit of all over”.  He’s lived in Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Indiana and spent the last 15 years in Bradenton, FL.  Adam was driving a tow truck when he was motivated to find another job.

Adam Rosenberger

Adam Rosenberger

“My grandfather was a truck driver and I’ve been wanting to drive an 18-wheeler since I was in diapers.  My grandma called me his ‘little shadow’ – I guess it’s in my blood – my grandfather drove, my uncle, my ex’s dad, best friends.”

A professional driver told Adam good things about Skyline.  He went online to find that Skyline was filling seats for their CDL training program and enrolled this past fall.

“I loved it and couldn’t have asked for any better training.  Michael Garrabrant is awesome, everyone is incredible.  I never thought I’d work for a company where everyone is as nice as they are at Skyline.”

Adam left on his first solo trip on Monday was excited and proud.  “If it wasn’t for truck drivers, a lot of stuff wouldn’t get to where it needs to go.  The whole world would stop.  If you’re considering a new career, look at driving an 18-wheeler.  It’s something I can do until I retire. So many companies need drivers, we’ll always have a job.”

Meet Matt Burgin

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Matt Burgin says he has worked everything from retail to dry wall to electrical.   He and his wife have been together since they were 19 years old and have three children together, which is what motivated Matt to drive professionally.

Matt Burgin

Matt Burgin

“I was driving for another company and a buddy recommended Skyline as a good company, so I put in my application and here I am.”

At Skyline, if a CDL holder has less than six months of current OTR experience, they go over the road for 2-4 weeks with our OTR trainers, also part of our paid CDL program.  Matt went over the road for four weeks with Skyline driver Richard Carroll.

“Richard is one of the best trainers I have ever had in my entire life.  So far I’m extremely happy here.  I’ve talked with other drivers and shippers and have not heard one negative thing about Skyline.  People are nice, dispatch is nice and helpful.”

Matt says he likes being out on the road and seeing new things. “And the money is good.”

Congratulations Adam and Matt!  Skyline is so pleased that you’re driving for our team.  Stay safe and thanks again for being a professional driver for Skyline.

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