Rick Clark

Skyline is delighted to introduce a new addition to our team. Please help us in welcoming Rick Clark to the Skyline Team! Rick comes to us as an experienced Professional Driver.

Rick found Skyline via a career website. After researching our company, he decided to apply and join the team. Rick also noted what a small world we live in when he realized he had a distant relative, Randy Whitehead, who is also working at Skyline.

Before getting in the trucking business, Rick worked for 15 years in the pest control industry. Due to a very unfortunate accident, Rick had to step away from the business. In reflecting, Rick said although unfortunate, the accident forced him to re-evaluate things. It helped him refocus on the important things in life and not take the little things for granted. It eventually led him to the transportation industry and Skyline.

When asked what he enjoys most about driving, he said he likes the freedom of driving his own truck and the feeling of being his own boss in a sense.

Rick was born and raised in Dandridge, TN where he still resides today. He has 2 adult children and 2 cats. In his spare time, he likes attending church / church functions and said although he hasn’t been in several years, he enjoyed going to amusement parks like Six Flags.

Thank you, Rick, for climbing aboard and driving for Skyline. We are thrilled to have you here!

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