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Tony Alsup Pet Rescue in Puerto Rico

We recently shared a story about Skyline owner-operator Tony Alsup who bought a bus for the mass transport of pets affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Tony has just arrived in Puerto Rico and is working with officials to transport, treat and rescue animals that are in dire need of medical attention.  They need medicine, food and vet techs.  He will be setting up a separate Facebook page to receive donations for this project, which we will share when available, but below is his update from Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Our hearts are with Tony and Puerto Rico.


I came to Puerto Rico to see firsthand what actions are being taken to help the animals affected by Hurricane Maria and this is what I’ve learned in just six hours.

Quebradillas Puerto Rico is possibly the hardest hit area of the island. It took the full force of the hurricane and also flooded after a dam broke. The situation is dire and heart wrenching. With the support of the local mayor and officials, we will begin establishing a base of operations tomorrow to rescue as many animals as possible. Reports are coming in of horses, cows, sheep, cats and dogs that are all in need of medical attention. Thus far we have been given a hospital with 15 rooms, a Humvee and military support. We need vet techs!!! Please contact me ASAP if anyone is willing to come and assist. We also need pet food and medicine, basically we need everything, but especially vets. I hope to have an entirely separate Facebook page for this project with a donation button very soon.

Tomorrow I will be gathering supplies in San Juan to take to Quebradillas. It’s eerie to be in a major city with no electricity except from those fortunate enough to have a generator. The up side is that in all of this darkness, the stars are magnificent. The people are genuinely gracious and kind despite not having the comforts of clean water and electricity. It’s amazing that crime hasn’t taken over yet but I don’t see that lasting unless we show our humanity by caring for the animals too.

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