Mitchell Cothern

Mitchell from Memphis

Another Professional Driver Joins Skyline

Mitchell Cothern

Skyline is pleased to introduce Mitchell Cothern, our newest addition to the fleet.  He was born and raised in Horn Lake, MS, about three miles south of Memphis.  Mitchell will be working out of our Memphis yard and says he’s wanted to drive since he was a kid.

“I’ve always had a passion for driving.  My uncle, my brother and other family members drive and I finally decided to go for it.”

Mitchell graduated the CRST truck driving school in 2017 and said it was a good experience.  “There was a group of us who all studied together and helped each other out.”

Mitchell left for his first over the road trip, with a trainer, on December 7 of last year, which happened to be his birthday.  He ran as a team with a few carriers and then began driving solo regionally in Memphis.  He saw an online ad recruiting professional drivers for Skyline.

“I read up on Skyline and saw they were a smaller company.  My brother had recently switched to a smaller company and liked it, so I thought maybe I’d like it better too.”

Mitchell is readying for his first Skyline run and says, so far, he likes it here.  “Everything seems well organized. Skyline is small, friendly and welcoming.”

Mitchell Cothern with Rick Arnold

Mitchell and Rick

Mitchell is happy to be home every weekend and see his 10 year-old son and 9 year-old daughter.  Aside from being away from home, Mitchell said the hardest thing about driving are other distracted drivers.

“You have to be on your game at all times, whether you’re just waking up or been driving all day.  It seems like everyone who passes me is on their phone in some way.  You have to watch out for all the other drivers.”

Even though he drives for a living, when Mitchell is not working, he enjoys travelling and taking long car rides.

Congratulations Mitchell and thank you for climbing aboard and driving for Skyline.

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