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Skyline Supports Annual Mission of Hope Christmas Project

This past weekend was Mission of Hope’s annual Christmas collection and delivery for the children and families in Appalachia.  Mission of Hope ​has been providing food, hygiene, new clothing and Christmas presents to schools in KY and TN since 1996.  The Knoxville nonprofit has grown from helping 150 children to more than 18,000 and, for the past decade, Skyline Transportation has been donating its trucks, trailers and drivers in support of this wonderful effort.

Mission of Hope Warehouse

Dave, Eddie and Mitch

Long-time Skyline driver Eddie LeSueur drove a trailer to the Mission of Hope warehouse, where volunteers and staff loaded up designated supplies and presents.  On Sunday, December 17, Skyline President Jeff Reed and two of his sons, Tate and Tyler, delivered this load to Stinnett, KY.  There, volunteers from West Hills Presbyterian Church (WHPC) were waiting to help unload and stage the delivery.  The members of WHPC sponsored the school in Stinnett, providing clothing and presents for every student in grades K – 8.  Mitch Townley, Director of Children’s Ministries at WHPC, described the “Christmas store” that these students would visit on Monday morning.

Skyline and Mission of Hope

Loading up the trailer for Stinnett, KY

“Our team will set up all of the gifts, segmented by grade and student, in the gymnasium of the school,” Townley said.  “Students will be led in on Monday morning.  All students have new clothes assigned to them personally, but they are also allowed to pick out a gift.   It’s really great to see some of these students pick out something for a sibling or family member instead of themselves. They all leave with the biggest smiles.”

Skyline is proud to support Mission of Hope’s Christmas program as well as multiple charity efforts throughout the year, including Habitat for Humanity and Junior League of Knoxville’s Bag-a-Bargain.  Most recently, Skyline supported Wreaths Across America.  Last week, Jim and Teresa Fallon, two of Skyline’s superstar drivers, departed for Maine to pick-up wreaths for the gravestones of our military veterans in Knoxville National Cemetery.  Several Skyline drivers including Matt Odeneal and Eddie LeSueur also helped with local transport for the Saturday’s ceremony.  Click here to see pictures from Saturday’s Wreaths Across America ceremony.

Click here to see more pictures from our Mission of Hope delivery on the Skyline Facebook page.

Volunteers at Mission of Hope

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