Introducing Tim Marienau and Junior Wright: New Skyline OTR Drivers

Meet Tim Marienau and Junior Wright, two of our recent training graduates who are excited to head out in their own Skyline trucks.  Congratulations Tim & Junior and welcome to the fleet!

Tim Marienau

Tim Marienau

Tim Marienau grew up in Muncie, IN.  He joined the military at age 19, performed aircraft maintenance and retired from the service in 2013.  He wanted to make a change professionally, so he did some research and learned that trucking paid better than what he was currently doing.  “I liked the idea of being back on weekends and making decent money.  I heard an ad on the radio and decided to go with Skyline.”

Tim went through our entire training program and said it went quickly for him.  “I liked that we were out and back on weekends and the fact that I had two trainers in the four-week OTR training portion.  My trainers have been driving for a while and were very knowledgeable about the truck and best way to manage the clock and stay on time for deliveries.  Tim Davis and Jimmy Anglin were great and offered totally different perspectives.  It gave me cross-spectrum training which I believe has made me more informed.”

The biggest challenge for Tim going over the road was learning the communication system and time management.  “Sleeping and being with another person for 24-7 in tight quarters was also something to get used to.  I was glad we were home every weekend, you need time off.”

Tim likes the friendly atmosphere at Skyline.  “Everyone knows you and says “Hi Tim” and that really made me feel welcome.  I also like that Skyline is a local company with a maintenance shop here in Knoxville so I can get my truck fixed on weekends and not miss drive time.”

Tim has three children and when he’s not working, he likes to camp, drag race, cook out and be with his family. He recommends Skyline and the trucking industry for those thinking about making a career change.

“Make sure you do your research on income level and what you need to do to reach your goal.  Also think about the lifestyle change and make sure you have good support – both from your family and the company you choose.  If you’re going to do it, stay with it, don’t bail on the first month.  It will take a few months to figure it all out and start knowing what you’re doing.”


Junior Wright

Junior Wright

James “Junior” Wright is from Maryville, TN and is the youngest of three.  When he was growing up, he enjoyed fishing and four-wheeling.  Before shifting into trucking, Junior was doing landscaping.  He obtained his CDL in 2017 and drove for Knight Transportation, which he says was “a little too big for me”.

He came to Skyline and went over the road for four weeks with OTR trainer, Larry Duss Jr.  “It was an awesome experience.  Larry made it seem a lot easier, more fun and he taught me a lot more than my past training. He took the time to sit down and go over everything, like logs and paperwork. It didn’t seem like four weeks.”

Junior likes the scenery afforded by his new office. “You get to travel for free and see the country.”

The biggest challenge for Junior are four wheelers. “A lot of cars out there can make it unsafe.  They wait till the last minute to merge in front of us.  Don’t be scared to pass us but don’t tail gate us.  Watch out for us – don’t come out before us – we need room to stop.”

Junior has two children and is adopting another. He is excited to head out. “I just want to do a good job.”

Like Tim, Junior really enjoys the friendly culture at Skyline.  “Here, they know you by name. They say hello and call me Junior.  I also like their commitment to be home every weekend. And they are pretty good about getting you a load right before you’re unloaded.  I would recommend Skyline, you walk in and can know everyone there.”

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