Maria Russell

Meet Skyline Driver Maria Russell

From Navy Medic to Professional Driver, we are Proud to Welcome Maria Russell to our team.

Skyline is proud to welcome Maria Russell to our fleet. Maria began driving professionally in 2013 but has worked in several varied industries before transportation.

While in the Navy, Maria was stationed in the Charleston Naval Hospital as a hospital corpsman.

“It’s a fancy word the navy uses for medic,” Maria explains.

After four years as a medical specialist, Maria retired from the navy and went to Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York.

“It’s a small private school on a beautiful lake.  I played college basketball and all the younger students called me grandma.”

Maria studied outdoor recreation and when she graduated, she became a caretaker for some large New York estates.

“One of my professors was a Rockefeller so I ended up taking care of a Rockefeller estate for a while.  I was responsible for maintaining everything – from the grounds to the home to vehicles – and I loved it.  I was outside all of the time, what’s not to like!”

Family responsibilities called Maria back to Ohio, which is where she grew up.  She moved to North Carolina and in 2007 opened up a coffee shop.  From there, Maria transitioned into law enforcement, working for the Henderson County Sheriff department.  She worked in the detention office of the jail for five years and said she endured an intense level of stress.

“It was crazy. I didn’t know how stressful it was until I quit.”

That’s when Maria transitioned into transportation.  She married and moved to Tennessee, attended a truck driving school and had a great experience. Maria has worked for larger trucking companies and is excited to be driving for a smaller company like Skyline.  She likes the peaceful solitude of driving.

Maria Russell

Maria Russell

“I can listen to books on tape and there’s no one yelling at me.  Well, if anyone is yelling, I can’t hear them in my truck,” she says with a laugh.

Whatever her profession, Maria says she tries to do her best and take pride in what she’s doing.

“My parents instilled that if you work hard you will get rewarded.  Both of my parents always had a good work ethic.  I take pride in what I do, no matter what it is.”

When she’s not working, Maria enjoys landscaping at her home and hiking as much as she can with her spouse and their five dogs. “I have three mini dachshunds, a beagle mix and a blue healer mix.”

Thank you, Maria, for being a dedicated professional. We are so please to have you on the team.

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