Lukus Bruner

Skyline is proud to present a new Professional Driver joining our fleet: introducing Lukus Bruner! Lukus joins us as an experienced Driver with over 2 years of professional driving experience.

Lukus was well aware of Skyline as his Brother-in-Law, Frank Satterfield, has been a long-time employee of the company. He also previously worked with Skyline employee, Dudley Cruze, at Knox County. Lukus decided to pursue and join Skyline in part because of the family atmosphere, our home time policy and his conversations with his Brother-in-Law.

Prior to getting into the transportation industry, Lukus was General Manager in the Food Industry and was also a School Resource Officer for Knox County Schools. Lukus said he was always interested in trucking and had several family members in the profession; he ultimately, he decided to make a career change to do something he was more passionate about and to further his financial potential.

Lukus was born and raised in Maynardville, TN were he still resides today with his wife and 4 children. In his spare time, Lukus enjoys spending time with his family and also drag racing, he has been apart of the drag racing scene for several years now participating in the Slant 6 Circuit. He also loves the beach, with the Bahamas being his favorite vacation spot.

Thank you, Lukus, for climbing aboard and driving for Skyline. We are ecstatic to have you here!

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