Logo Wear

Skyline Logo Wear

Skyline is working to develop an online “company store” where you can easily place an order for quality and affordable products that make you proud to represent the Skyline brand.  We plan to offer a variety of clothing, safety and promotional items to help our professional drivers make a lasting impression with customers, the general public and even potential drivers.  Here is the first roll-out of our initial products.

As part of Driver Appreciation Week, every Skyline driver is being gifted $15 Skyline Bucks to use towards Skyline Logo Wear! Use all $15 or put towards a larger purchase and have the balance payroll deducted.  (NOTE: Any unused amount of this credit will not be carried forward.)

Click here to see the current product list. Choose from Skyline polo’s, tee shirts, hoodies, button-ups and hats.  Email order details to swilkins@skylinetrans.com.
You can always email or call Sarah with your order details, or if you want to download and print an order form, click here. (Online order form coming soon!)