Josh Young Appreciates the Family-Oriented Side of Skyline

Josh Young is a professional CDL driver for Skyline

Josh Young

“How can you eat Chobani?”, asked Skyline driver Josh Young as he sat down to talk about his story.  “I ate a lot of yogurt while I was on a bodybuilders diet, but I can’t stomach Chobani.”

Josh Young had already driven over the road when he joined our professional CDL training program this summer, but prior to that, he wrestled professionally for 16 years.

“I also have 23 years total experience as a painter, but after eight knee surgeries on my left knee, I needed to make a change.”

It had been a while since Josh drove OTR, so he entered our June class to brush up on his skills. He’s been driving on his own for more than a month now, and Skyline is proud to have him on our team.

What inspired you to start driving?
“I love to drive and love to travel. It was an opportunity to make good money and see the country at the same time.”

Josh Young with his OTR trainer Frank Satterfield

Josh with his over-the-road trainer Frank Satterfield

What did you like best about the training program?
“Mike Garrabrant is a great trainer. I also loved being on the road with Frank Satterfield – I learned a lot from him. Frank really helped me manage the clock correctly and pay attention to time management. He taught me a lot about listening to and getting a feel for my truck.”

What do you like best about driving?
“I like making people smile and driving gives me a chance to interact with people and make new friends. I’ve started building a relationship with the shipping department at the Memphis drop yard. Those guys know my truck and have all the info in before I hit the gate.”

What is the biggest challenge out on the road?
“Health. When I started driving truck the first time, I was 275 pounds. When I came off the road six months later, I was 340lbs. Now I watch what I eat especially my sugar intake, but there’s not a lot of health conscience decisions to be made at truck stops.”

How would you best describe Skyline?
“Family oriented.”

Would you recommend Skyline?
“Oh yeah. Everyone is on a first name basis, it’s more like a family than a company. You’re not a truck number at Skyline, you’re actually a human being.”

Tell me about the support you receive from Skyline while you’re on the road.
“Oh wow, if I call my driver manager, Harlan Henson, and he’s away, someone else is there to answer every question. My second week out I came upon a blocked road detour. Wally Hopper spent a good 30 minutes on the phone figuring out the best way to get to me to the consignee. There’s also Richard Bell (Director of Maintenance) who talks to me about my truck – what to watch for and how to fix certain issues. The shop is always there to support me and can answer any question on the spot.”

Josh and Scott at Driver Appreciation Week

Josh and Driver Manager Scott Baerns

What do you want people to know about professional truck drivers?
“Before I got into trucking, I always thought tractor trailer drivers were making poor decisions. Come to find out – it’s not us. People in four wheels don’t realize what it takes to bring 80,000 pounds safely to a dead stop at 65 mph.”

What motivates you to do your best in life?
“Being competitive. I am always challenging myself to do better.”

What do you like to do when you’re not driving?
“I’m a big outdoorsman. I love to hunt, fish and camp. I loved to go hiking during spring and fall before my knee surgeries. I also like playing video games with my 13-year-old.”

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