Joey Bowen

Meet a Veteran Who Appreciates the Family Focus at Skyline

Professional Skyline Driver, veteran and father

Joey Bowen

Joey Bowen drove for Skyline Transportation in 2013.  After serving in the military and welcoming a new baby girl into his family, he has returned to our team. We sat down with Joey to talk about why he likes driving for Skyline.

What inspired you to start driving?
I rode with my uncle as a kid and thought it would be fun to drive. I was working construction and getting tired of busting my back.

I hear you have a history with Skyline.
Yes, when I got my CDL permit my uncle was working at Skyline. I talked to Skyline President Jeff Reed and he let me use a Skyline truck to take my test. There was no question I was going to drive for Skyline.

What do you like best about driving?
I like seeing different places and always tell people that I get paid to go on vacation every day. It’s good money and offers stability. Trucking is a job that will always be here.

Joey Bowen with one of our new Macks

Joey with a new Mack

What is the biggest challenge out on the road?
Dealing with other drivers that are irresponsible. People in cars just don’t realize what it takes to safely stop a truck.

Can you think of a few words that best describes Skyline?
Family oriented – they are all about family. That’s the nicest thing and one of the big reasons I drive for them.

Would you recommend Skyline to other drivers?
Yes, I do all the time. Skyline pays its drivers for break down and lay over pay and they make sure they get me home every weekend. They also provide flexibility if I need an extra home day. Skyline is able to let me take a vacation day if I need to. They really are concerned with making their drivers happy with adequate family time. It’s not all about the money.

Joey Bowen Mack Truck

Joey with one of Skyline’s new Macks

What do you want people to know about drivers? The industry?
That driving is not a piece of cake job. There is a lot to deal with out there and it can be stressful. We’re working 14 hour days, driving for 11 of those, and our hours are never the same. One day we may start our day at 11 am, another day we may not head out till 9 pm. The hours are not consistent but as a driver, you get used to that.

What motivates you to do your best in life?
My family. And, I want to prove myself, always stay in good standing and make myself indispensable to my company.

What do you like to do when you’re not driving?
Spend time with family. I used to hunt and fish a lot, but now I’d rather do things with my wife and 19-month-old daughter.

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  1. Reply Todd Penley

    Joey is an awesome driver! I love being his travel agent ( lol) . Joey always does a great job and I can count on him being on time and always doing a great job! Thank you for your service, and glad you came back to skyline!

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