Jared Doyle

Congratulations Jared Doyle, Professional Skyline Driver

Jared is a recent graduate from our CDL training program and a Skyline driver who just completed his first solo run.

Jared Doyle

Jared Doyle

Jared Doyle hails from Broken Arrow, OK but also spent time growing up in Dallas, TX.  The youngest of four, Jared and his family moved back to Oklahoma, where he met his girlfriend.  Her hometown is Knoxville and that’s how Jared came to Tennessee.

Jared worked in retail and remodeling.  After his second daughter was born, Jared wanted a better career.

“I wasn’t making enough money anywhere I had been working.  I knew I needed to take a step up and start saving for a house and nicer things.  I googled ‘Knoxville-based training program for CDL’ and Skyline came up as the first option.”

Jared joined our July training program and is now a CDL holder and professional driver for Skyline.  He said the training program was a great experience.

“I couldn’t imagine a better program- being able to go home every day and get paid for earning my CDL.  It was nice.”

To gain his over the road experience, Jared ran with Skyline OTR trainer Landon Burnett.  “Landon is cool, laid back and we had good communication.  I actually learned a lot from him about mechanical things- what I can do to preserve my vehicle’s life.”

After his first week driving on his own, Jared says he’s feeling good.

“I was thinking I would be more home sick than I was.  I do miss my family, but I was preoccupied with driving and the technical aspects that go along with it.”

When he’s not driving, Jared enjoys spending time with family and watching sports.  “I really like college football. Oklahoma State is my team, but I do root for the Vols too.”

Jared brings a strong work ethic to Skyline and encourages those thinking about a career change to give it a chance and to not give up.

“My dad always said you need to work hard and earn what you get and not ever quit on something.  If you’re thinking about driving, go into it with an open mind.  If you start feeling doubtful, just stick with it and give it another week.  Your emotions will even out after that.”

Congratulations Jared.  Skyline is proud to have you on the team.

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