IMPORTANT UPDATE – Guaranteed Pay is Here!!

We, at Skyline, are aware of the challenges Professional Drivers face on the road today. Your PAY is directly related to how many miles you drive, but often you simply cannot control situations that limit your ability to keep the wheels rolling. Customer delays, traffic, Hours of Service limitations, breakdowns and load scheduling can all cause you to be limited on how many miles you can cover in a given day.

To help alleviate that uncertainty, Skyline Transportation, Inc. is excited to announce our new Guaranteed Pay Program effective August 5, 2019 for over the road drivers! This guaranteed pay is intended to smooth out the ups and downs of weekly pay that can occur outside of your control. If you are available to work, you should be paid regardless of those uncontrollable circumstances. Here are the highlights of how this program will work.

1) Drivers will be paid mileage or the guaranteed weekly rate. WHICH EVER IS HIGHER!
2) Drivers will be guaranteed a minimum gross pay per week based on their years of experience.
3) Drivers will be paid for all completed moves for the week through Monday night at midnight.

There are only two requirements to qualify for Guaranteed Pay:
1) Driver must be available and ready to work for the full week
2) The driver has turned down no loads nor turned down equipment for the week

Drivers who meet these two qualifications can rest assured that regardless of their miles, they can expect a consistent pay check for their week of work. This program will go into effect August 5, 2019. Feel free to contact us at (866) 314-0850 if you have questions or to learn more!

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