How Tony Alsup Rescues 88 Dogs

Owner-operator Tony Alsup has done it again! Here’s another story of his animal rescue efforts, this time in the wake of natural disasters.  Tony, you are awesome and we’re proud to have you on our team. Thank you for all you do.

Blog Post by Tony Alsup 9/18/17:
Recently I was contacted by an animal shelter in Mobile, AL asking for help moving dogs to Muskegon, MI.  I responded by purchasing a school bus and removed the seats to create a safe transport vehicle. It would not have been possible without the assistance of Jeff Reed and the staff at Skyline. The advice I received, as well as the access to resources, enabled me to save 44 dogs while making room for 44 new dogs affected by Harvey and Irma.

We coordinated with several shelters in Alabama to create two hubs. It required getting every dog medical certificates, individual carries, a collar, a full body harness, puppy pads, two bowls and a chewy for the ride. The timing was essential because the health certification is only good for ten days.

Once loaded, I made quick time stopping for a couple rest breaks. The best break for the dogs was at Skyline’s drop yard in Brooks, KY. The facility is enclosed with a large grassy area along the fence line. I was able to tether the dogs long enough to refresh their carriers and give them a welcome potty break.  From there it was a dash to Michigan. We all spent our final night together and met their new owners, fosters and no kill shelter volunteers on Saturday morning. It was FANTASTIC!

By transporting 44 dogs at once we were able to save a total of 88 dogs. Transporting a large group at one time reduced the cost and save money for medical treatment and supplies. It also allowed the volunteers to maximize their time too. It was definitely a huge success and worthy of the effort.


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