Skyline Welcomes Sam and Gary

Sam Hughes: Dispatched 7/1/18

Sam and Trixie

Sam and Trixie

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes

Meet Sam Hughes, a professional driver for more than 15 years.  He’s from Abington, VA and obtained his CDL through an academy in VA.  Before that, he primarily worked in farming and construction. He says the trucking industry has changed a lot, especially the increase in regulations.

When you see Sam, you’ll most likely meet his two full-time riders.  Wife Wendy and 3-year-old pomeranian Trixie go everywhere with Sam.  He and Wendy have been married for more than 30 years. Wendy has also driven professionally for as long as Sam.

Thank you Sam! We are pleased to you have you, Wendy and Trixie as Skyline team members.


Gary Johnson: Dispatched 7/18/18

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is no stranger to driving. He operated heavy equipment in construction and ran his own hot shot trucking business.  Gary is also from a family of professional truck drivers.

“My brother, dad and grand-dad were all OTR drivers.”

Even though Gary had a Class A CDL when he came to Skyline, it was without air brakes.  He successfully completed our training program, tackling all challenges with a positive attitude and zero complaints.

When he’s not driving, Gary likes playing video games and repairing antique equipment.  Congratulations Gary! We’re glad to have you on the team.

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