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Galyon Brothers Teaming for Skyline

Skyline is proud to introduce two brothers who joined the Skyline fleet. Meet Chris and Donny Galyon, brothers from Knoxville who left out this week together on their first Skyline load.

Donny Galyon has been driving professionally for almost 30 years.  “It’s been a combo of OTR, local and regional – I’ve done all of it,” Donny says.

Chris and Donny Galyon

Chris and Donny Galyon

Donny has known from a very early age that he was heading into this profession. “When I was wee little, my grandma gave me a push toy of an 18-wheeler. I said ‘I’m going to drive one of these’. So yes, I was infatuated with the industry very early on and it’s turned out to be the way it is.”

Donny didn’t come from a family of drivers. In fact, he’s the only one on his side of the family who drives professionally. While he could drive for just about any company, for Donny, it’s very important to find the right company.

“Steady income, family atmosphere and home time are very important to me. The place I’m coming from was completely the opposite, and that’s why I started looking into Skyline.”

Donny likes the independence of the open road. “I like driving because you see things you wouldn’t normally see. You don’t really have somebody looking over your shoulder. The hardest part of driving is the weather, traffic issues and watching out for other drivers.”

Donny has a wife, four children and 11 grandchildren – between the ages of 6 months and 13 years– who all live locally. When he’s not driving, Donny enjoys going to the range and shooting.

“I love to shoot rifles and pistols. It’s relaxing. I like teaching my grandkids how to properly use fire arms so they’ll have the knowledge and respect when they grow up.”

Independent of the company, Donny stresses the importance of excellent customer service.
“I’m always representing the company and I’ve got to conduct myself accordingly. Building a good rapport with customers, getting to know them, it all leads to good relationships down the road.”

Donny says you cannot forget the small things.
“A lot of people get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle, and it’s easy to lose track of what’s right next to you. Don’t forget where you come from and try to give back when you can.”

Chris Galyon, Recent Graduate of the Skyline Training Program

While Donny has known about Skyline for years, it was his brother, Chris, who actually referred Donny for an OTR driving position at Skyline.
Chris Galyon recently graduated from Skyline’s CDL training program. Before driving, Chris worked construction, doing remodeling as a site supervisor.

“My brother always drove, but I never thought that I’d drive a truck professionally. Now that my kids are older and live out of state, there’s nothing holding me back.”

A former employer told Chris about Skyline’s free CDL training program. He contacted Skyline and joined their August training class.
“I knew that having a CDL and driving truck would be a steady career path and that I’d always have work.

Chris says his training with Skyline has been amazing.
“I tell everyone about it, even people on the side of road. If you want learn how to drive a truck, this is the company. It’s a really a great program, second to none. They spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that you’re trained up correctly.”

Chris reflected on the challenge of learning a new career.
“Sometimes, going after a goal or a new dream can be hard. When I got out there, I knew it was a career path. I’m better today than I was yesterday and I feel grounded.”

In addition to the stability of driving, Chris really appreciated the atmosphere at Skyline.
“They care about who walks in door. Everyone says hi, and that’s a big plus.”

Chris enjoys racing motor-cross and street bikes. He says motorcycles are his first love, followed closely by the drums. He played drums in a rock band for about seven years and says he listens to music all the time.

Welcome Donny and Chris.  Skyline is so pleased to have the Galyon team as part of our fleet.


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