Introducing our Newest Drivers

Introducing Skyline’s Newest Professional Drivers

Tim Kamer, Kevin Robinson and Ron Brady completed Skyline’s free CDL training program in February 2018. These drivers were handed keys to their trucks and are headed out on their first solo trips.  We’d like to introduce you to Tim, Kevin and Ron.

Trucking is in Tim’s Blood

Kamer and his Skyline TruckTim Kamer grew up in Lebanon, TN and comes from a long line of truck drivers.   He went through Skyline’s CDL training program and trained over the road with our million-mile safe driver Frank Satterfield.  Tim was given keys to his truck and is excited to depart on his first solo trip on February 16.

Tim Kamer gets keys

“Skyline’s training program was wonderful, a really great experience.  They make sure you understand everything and really help you through it all.  It was a great way to get my CDL.  Skyline is a great company that really knows how to take care of current and future drivers.”

In his free time, Tim enjoys playing with his dogs and his nephews. Congratulations Tim!  We’re glad to have you driving for Skyline.


Getting to Drive a Big Truck

Kevin in his Skyline truckKevin Robinson also earned his CDL through our training program.  His over the road trainer was James Smith, another alum of our training program.  Born and raised in La Follette, TN, Kevin says driving over the road has been something he’s been thinking about for a while.

“Trucking is something I have always wanted to do.  My father-in-law encouraged me to get into it a long time ago and I wish I would’ve done it then.  When he died, I decided I was going to go for it.”

Kevin departed on his first solo trip on February 15 heading to Memphis.  He said the training program was fun and would recommend it to others who want to get their CDL.  Kevin gets his keys

“The best part was learning to drive a big truck.  Skyline is a good company to work for.  They’ve got excellent people there that treat you right, they treat you good.”

When he’s not driving, Kevin likes to spend time playing with his three children.  Way to go Kevin!  We’re so glad to have you on our team – congratulations on all your hard work.


Brady Back on the Road Again

Ron and his truckRon Brady had his CDL in the early 1990’s and this year, decided to get back on the road.  He’s from Ash, NC and grew up right on the ocean.  Ron completed our CDL training program after going over the road with Skyline superstar-driver Jimmy Anglin.  Ron says all facets of the training program were great.

“Driving over the road with Jimmy was great. Our first trip was down to Miami.  Mike Garrabrant was a very good instructor.  He spent time with his students and answered every question. He took time to explain everything thoroughly and didn’t rush you.  He allowed us to go at our own pace but would step in and do his part if we needed help.”

Ron decided to return to driving because of the stability it offers.Ron getting his keys

“I thought about it for a long time.  Today, a lot of jobs lack security, and I decided to pursue something that will be there for the rest of my lifetime.  Trucking is a job that will always be there.”

Having worked for other carriers, Ron notes the difference and benefits of driving for a smaller, family-run company.

“Skyline is great.  Everyone in the office knows everyone by name, not truck number.  It’s a very friendly work environment, the benefits are great and there’s all these extras – like a flat screen TV with Direct TV and DVR in the trucks.  You don’t get that with other companies.”

When he’s not driving, Ron likes to spend time relaxing with friends and family.  Congratulations Ron! Welcome to the team.

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