Darren Hicks

Meet a Skyline Driver with 5 Children, 428 Acres and 14 Hunting Dogs

Professional Skyline Driver

Darren Hicks

Skyline is thrilled to welcome Darren Hicks back to our fleet!  Darren started driving professionally in the 1990’s.  He drove over the road for eight years but then he and his wife had 5 children – including two identical twin girls – so Darren came off the road to be at home and help raise his family.  Now that he and his wife only have one 17-year-old son in the house, he is climbing back into the driver’s seat and we’re so glad it’s for Skyline.

For the last 16 years, Darren has served his community as a deputy sheriff for Polk County, TN.  A combination of factors influenced his decision to consider driving professionally again.  Since he had been off the road for so long, Darren needed to regain his CDL.  He went through Skyline’s training program in August 2017 and is excited to be driving again.

“I like seeing places and I love to drive.  Even as a deputy I liked patrolling all the time.  I’ve driven in every state except Montana.”

Darren says the biggest challenge about driving professionally is being away from home.

“In addition to raising five children, my wife and I had 428 acres that butted up against a national park.  Our nearest neighbor was a mile away.”

Darren is a big hunter and has 14 hunting dogs. (Yes, 14!) We asked if his wife is ok being left alone with 14 dogs while he goes over the road.

“My oldest son lives close and we have a nice, big kennel system with automatic feeders.”

Darren and his family (and his dogs) hunt bear and hog.  All of the meat they eat actually comes from what they hunt.  Between driving, raising children, hunting and camping, he also just built a new home in Cleveland, TN.

“We recently sold my family home along with all the acreage, and are actually moving into our new house this week.”

Darren loves to drive but wishes that motorists would be more courteous.

Mike Darren Rick

Michael Garrabrant, Darren Hicks and Rick Arnold

“Motorists will pull right over in front of you and it’s not safe.  I was going onto an exit and this car flew from behind, passed on the wrong side and popped right in front of me because he couldn’t wait two seconds.  It’s terrible”

With so much going on, we asked Darren what motivates him, both personally and professionally.

“I want to do my best in everything.  Whether it’s cleaning a car, building a house or driving a truck, I expect excellence in whatever I do.  If I’m going to put energy and effort into something, I’m going to do it right.”

Welcome Darren to Skyline.  We are proud to have you on our team!

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