Skyline Welcomes Two New Employees

We’d like to introduce you to Brett Cupp, Maintenance Technician, and Kyran Jones, Driver Manager.

Skyline has hired two new employees, one joins the maintenance team and the other joins operations.

Brett Cupp Maintenance Tech

Brett Cupp

Brett Cupp grew up hunting, fishing and working on cars in Tazewell, TN. He is currently attending a diesel technical school and, in eight more months, Brett will be a certified diesel mechanic. In his spare time, Brett is still an avid outdoorsman and works to restore his ’67 mustang coupe.


Kyran Jones drove for Skyline for about 10 years. He came off the road to raise his son and now returns as a driver manager supporting Skyline’s entry level drivers.

Kyran Jones and Todd Penley

Kyran and his dad Todd

Kyran received his OTR training from long-time Skyline drivers such as Willie Day, Paul Marie, Scott Noah and Willie Peden. He likes the family atmosphere that exists at Skyline, and not just because he works in the same department as his father, Todd Penley.

“Skyline is very family-oriented. We try our best to get our drivers home for anything and everything that has to do with family.”

Welcome Brett and Kyran! We’re glad to have you on our team.


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  1. Reply Richard Franz

    Congrats BIG “K” – Knew ya when ya started as a driver with SKYLINE.
    Glad to see you BACK AT SKYLINE and on TEAM SKYLINE …MR.D/M BEST TO YOU .😎💝🇺🇸💒🚛

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