Clarence Danner

Welcome Clarence Danner

An experienced driver from Memphis, TN who just joined the Skyline team!

Clarence Danner

Clarence Danner

Clarence Danner began driving professionally in 2000. He came off the road for 10 years for family reasons, but always wanted to go back doing what he loved – driving over the road.  “ When I went back, I had to start all over from day one since I was off the road for so long.”

Clarence went back through a driving school and re-established his CDL.  Since then, he has been driving team and is very excited to go back OTR as a solo driver.

“One of the reasons I chose Skyline was all the accommodations they offer their solo drivers.  Also, I have yet to meet one person who has a negative thing to say about Skyline.  I’m waiting to hear something different, but everyone only has good things to say.

“Also, I’ve never worked for a company this small – I was floored when I learned there are only 120 drivers here.  I’ve driven for JB Hunt, Averitt and Snyder where you’re just a face in the crowd.  It’s not like that here.”

Clarence was a supervisor of a warehouse in Memphis when he began to consider a career change.

“I interacted with a lot of truck drivers there. When things changed at the company and my hours were reduced, I decided I’d give truck driving a shot.  It came to me easily and soon it was like riding a bike.”

Clarence has been to all 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico.  He was down in Miami a few weeks ago and is considering retiring there, but quickly added that he has another seven to ten years of driving left in him.

“Driving is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.  Living out of a truck can be complicated.  You don’t lose your social skills, but your social life definitely takes a hit.  I don’t see all my friends and family members as much as I used to.”

Clarence comes from a big family and still has four sisters and three brothers.  He used to play basketball on a team, but now, when he’s not driving, he spends his time relaxing and looking forward to the next week of driving.

Congratulations Clarence and thank you for picking Skyline! We’re excited to see you do great things.  Thanks for driving.

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