Carla Stacy

Carla Stacy has recently completed her OTR training with Skyline. Prior to joining the Skyline Team, she drove for a limited time both over the road and locally. After leaving the industry, Carla worked as a Weaver and Production Tech. Upon careful consideration, Carla decided to resurrect her driving career and joined Skyline where she plans to run as a team with her fiancé, Jeff.

Carla originally hails from Rutherford County, North Carolina moving to Tennessee 2 years ago. Much of her family still resides in North Carolina.

When asked what she enjoys most about trucking, Carla responded, “I just like the feeling I have when I’m behind the wheel of the giant truck.” The connections she makes while on the road with shippers, consignees and coworkers is another exciting aspect of this career choice. She credits movies like Smokey and the Bandit for sparking her interest in a driving career.

When not working, Carla enjoys fishing or relaxing with her fiancé, Jeff, and dog, Dixie.

Carla is feeling some anxiety in anticipation of her first solo trip. With the strong leadership/mentorship from her OTR Trainer, Teresa Fallon, however, Carla knows she is well prepared to be out on her own.

Congratulations, Carla! Skyline is proud of you and excited to welcome you to the team!

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  1. Reply Carla

    Pretty accurately spoken. I had one of the best trainers skyline has to offer with her skills and knowledge and years of experience. I learned all the things I need to get started in my career
    She was very helpful in our trying period. She would by no doubt be able to train men better than most.She is top of the line and I have grown to love her and miss her. She should hold title as trainer of the year

  2. Reply Michael Garrabrant

    Good going Carla…I’m glad you enjoyed your experience with Teresa. Welcome aboard!

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