Two New Skyline Drivers, but Not New to Trucking

Billy Beeler

Billy Beeler

Billy Beeler

When we sat down with Billy Beeler, he was fresh off of an animal rescue. “A neighbor had recently passed away and the man’s children didn’t know he had a dog. My wife found “Buster” and he was extremely malnourished. We went through the proper channels and now we have 4 dogs. I’m an animal lover.”

Billy was born and raised in Knoxville and has always known about Skyline. “My grandfather was in the trucking business and I had always thought that one day I’d drive for Skyline. Now, here I am.”

In the 1980’s, Billy drove over the road and was based out of Kansas. After that, he managed a transmission shop for 18 years here in Knoxville. Billy decided to go back over the road for the relaxation that he finds while driving. We asked him what has changed about the industry since he last drove.

“There is a lot more truck traffic out there and no more good, old-fashioned truck stop diners. But, it’s a lot safer now. Drivers are a lot more safety conscious and the industry has come a long way, as far as safety regulations, specifically hours of service and e-logs.”

Billy and Rick

Billy gets his keys

When he’s not driving, this father of six likes to ride his Harley with his wife and spend time with his family. “I have twin girls but the two oldest, who were born on the same day but a year apart, look more like twins than the twins.”

Billy says he’s pretty much a perfectionist – personally and professionally. “I’m picky about everything and I want to do things the right way. I’m satisfied knowing that things are done safely and there’s no chance of anyone getting injured.”

Billy is happy to be back behind the wheel again. “Skyline is an excellent company. I love the family atmosphere, the equipment is great and being home every weekend is a plus.”


Richard Allen

Richard Allen

Richard Allen

Richard Allen was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but moved to Tampa, FL in 1999. “My parents retired and moved down there. I wanted my kids to enjoy their grandparents so we moved too.”

A dinner date led Richard to trucking. “I was meeting my brother in law at a TA truck stop for dinner. He texted me to meet him out in the truck yard. I saw him getting out of his truck while another driver was backing into this tight space right beside him. It amazed me and I thought ‘I’d like to try to do that’.”

His brother in law started talking to Richard about trucking. “He encouraged me to get my CDL and said I’d make more money than what I was currently making. I thought about it and decided to go for it.”

Richard went to a Roadmaster driving school in Tampa in 2005, and started driving with Covenant Transport in Chattanooga. He drove locally in Florida for nine and a half years and then went back over the road. “My mom got sick so I went back to working locally so I could help her. She was managing two homes – one in FL and one in TN. My wife and I had planned to retire in Tennessee so we sold our houses and made the move up here to Knoxville.”

Richard had been working as an operations manager at a security company for the last two years when he decided to get back into trucking. “My daughter actually heard an ad for Skyline and told me about it. I started reading up on Skyline, liked what they offered and thought it would be a good home base – only 8 miles from my house.”

When he’s not driving, Richard likes working around the house, going to the movies and spending time with his grandkids. “I have six grandkids and they keep us busy.”

Richard and Rick

Richard gets his keys

Richard chose driving to provide a good life for his family and likes the stability it has offered. “It’s a great career with a good income level. You are your own boss and its rock solid and recession free.”

It’s been a week and Richard says he really likes the family atmosphere at Skyline. “You’re treated like a person, not a number. You have access to the office staff and the owner of the company, and everyone actually knows you by name, that’s what I like. You’re not a tractor number.”

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